Sunday, May 3, 2009

Applique Project...

I am almost done taking a class called Contemporary School Leadership, which has been a year long class where I have discuss current issues regarding leadership and innovations within the education system. We discuss how rapidly the system in which we work is has changing needs that we honestly are not keeping up with. It is a very eye opening class as well as a challenging and thoughtful experience. I have met many great people as well! I highly recommend this class for anyone who is involved in education. It may possibly be one of the best professional development courses I have ever been through.

We are required to do a final project, our choice. I lamented for some time thinking I would do come kind of movie or slide show....but one day it hit me. I wanted a reminder as to what my learning was at this class. If I did a project then the learning likely would get put away. I instead wanted something I could hang and display as a reminder to me as to what some of the key learnings, phrases or quotes were from my experiences & classes.
So the idea of a quilt/ wall hanging was born. I am pretty sure no one else will do anything quite like this project. I am thrilled with the results too! I recently got my sewing machine back from the shop and I must say all the stitches work great! I particularly love how the apple turned out!

As for the words, I used printable fabric. You run it right through your printer then you can iron it on. I of course, appliqued around the edges to ensure nothing would come up. This turned a bit into a mind of sampler of all my different applique stitches. I really enjoyed this! The biggest frustration for me was making the quilt- as I had never done that before! The front I got done while Lars napped on Friday. It was beautiful weather out and I missed it as I was too engrossed on my project. I will have to see how my presentation of this goes on Thursday!
I think it will look great in my new classroom next year!

Next year I am thinking about taking a class dealing with technology in the classroom! I think I need this class!

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