Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Here is our preschool graduate! Ella, age 4, missing one tooth and one loose. She was a rip roaring singing preschooler for one last time. I am finding it hard to believe she will be in kindergarten in a few short months. When did this all happen?

Regardless, last night was Kleinschule's Preschool Graduation ceremony. Getting there was a bit of a chore. She was upset because we were not going out to eat. Then her shoes became an issue. She wanted the sandals and I wanted solver shoes. Finally she decided silver shoes becasue the sandals wer too dirty. I wondered if she was going to wear a robe and she cried because she did not want to cover up her pretty dress from Uncle Brian and Aunt Amy. (We had many compliments BTW!) Her nails were bothering her on the way and she just decided Daddy was weird! It was quite the getting ready but once there she was excited and as proud as could be!

Ella joined her friends and donned her adorable white cap. We seated ourselves in the gym and the children filed in with their partners with a slow walk and graduation music as they were introduced. Ella was mentioned for wanting to learn how to cut in kindergarten. I thought she knew how but perhaps she is hoping that her teacher has more tricks for her poor little lefty brain than her slightly frustrated mother.

Once everyone was on the risers, they sang several preschool classics:

  • The Wheels on the Bus
  • Days of the Week
  • Five Green & Speckled Frogs
  • Rules of the Classroom
  • Down by the Bay

We were very happy that Karin and her daughter Miranda were able to come to see Ella's big event! Following the graduation everyone met in the cafeteria for cookies and juice. Ella had her picture taken with Oliver, a boy from Williamsburg, who seems to love Ella quite a bit. Ella is more jaded of their relationship as she thinks he is a boy and likes ninjas.

Ella was presented with a big kindergarten workbook from Karin which we will definitely work on this summer! The preschool also made a book with items from all year for Ella to keep. It is adorable and sure to make it into her memory box!

Cookies anyone?

Karin & Ella- hugs and weird grins

Ella & Oliver. How cute are they?
I think Ella & Oliver sounds like a clothing line!

Outside the school- Ella & Lars.
Lars figured out after 2 minutes how to really ring the bell! Sigh...

This is a terrible video clip, but a clip of the kids singing , Goodbye preschool, Kindergarten Here We Come!" Just the tail end! Ella is on middle in the top row- you really can't see her in this video.

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