Monday, May 25, 2009

Three Day Fun Fest

What a truly beautiful weekend! It will take some serious muster to go back to school. I am completely ready to be done- so it is all the harder when I actually think about how much work I have to do. But this weekend was really fab. Family & friends made it all the more special! I rode with the kids to farmer's market in the bike trailer.

Now to try the Tag a long. I will attempt to finish a bit of sewing and start to plan my summer projects. Gardening, drinking, steaks, babies, playing in the sand, bike riding, oh and laundry galore. Have I ever mentioned how much I love to hang my laundry to dry outside? It is one of my favorite things. I love seeing all the kids clothes hung up and flapping in the wind. I think it is a criminal act if you don't hang your laundry out (not really!) but it smells so great and it is such a natural and easy thing to do.

The concert with Dan Zane was fun for us all too! Special shout outs to all who arrived early and made it so my kids could see and enjoy the music. Much appreciated! The outdoor venue would have been so much better but we made it our own. I would love to see him again. The kids through it was a great concert. Did I neglect to mention it was FREE! Please donate to Hancher through the University Foundation- this was a fundraiser for the flooded out and missed venue. I am eagerly awaiting to hear what the plans are for this memory filled spot!

Look at my new shirt!
Lars' first concert shirt...just like his daddy! : )

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