Sunday, May 17, 2009


Found these from Soule Mama who recommended them from Damestar Baby a beautiful Etsy shop. I will be putting these on my list of many things I want to make this summer. My list also includes:
  • sundresses for Ella
  • perhaps perfect my wrap dress pattern
  • pants- easy pull on for Ella & Lars
  • skirts with trimmed out bottoms
  • another shirt for me
  • finish the one from ages ago I started
  • apron central- mother daughter combos
  • perhaps a beanbag set (might be a fun craft?)
  • pillows
  • more applique..I really am getting better at this!
  • doll clothes set with matching pants for Ella (perhaps for her birthday)
I constantly am seeing beautiful stuff and think "I can do that" but the time factor is real and I am not sure how this will work this summer. We will see, but I want to make a serious effort for time to create for me and time to create for the kids, and other kids will certainly be invited to join in!

I am reading The Creative Family by Amanda Soule (blogger mentioned earlier). I love her blog- check it out as it is in my favorites. This book is inspiring me to find creativity in all we do everyday from walks to car rides to time with your kids. Sneak time to be creative all day long. I have long suspected I am creative, but I am sure now it is all in how you look at things. I want Ella to learn that anything is possibly and anything can turn into creative play, thinking, or creations!

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