Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Living Room Inspirations....

Dusty Grey from Benjamin Moore
I may have a paint color chosen.  So now I just need to paint.
Then the trickle down effect, new curtains.  How are these from Ikea?

I think the white is needed to help lighten up the darker paint color.  I am still not sure if they will keep out enough sunlight.  We will see.

Probably a new rug too. 

Flor tiles from CB2- add a little color into the place
Orange....what can I say.  I like it with the greys.
Cheap, Ikea, soft-covers my stained living room carpet.
Not sure what this color really is in real life.  Ikea- color!

Always looking out for new pillows too.

I love these poofs from CB2!
Orange bird pillow.  A winner in may ways.
They call this the carrot pillow.  Pretty sure I could make this.
Perhaps I can make these.

Perhaps some "art" for the walls.  I see abacuses (abaci ?) are making a comeback.  regardless I know I could make this.  Hmmmm.  It is from CB2.  Pretty large- 3 or 4 feet long.


Seriously, orange and grey was everywhere to be seen.  This could be a real update for us!  We might be in style!

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