Saturday, July 17, 2010

Long Distance Garage Sale

 This sweater by Oilily has a "home is where the heart is" logo.

I have heard of long distance phone calls and long distance relationships but have you heard of long distance garage sales?  Well, I think Nora and I just invented this terminology.  I jokingly tell Nora that she will never be out of my life, but it seriously is difficult knowing when I walk by a pair of Primigi shoes I just can't run them across the street to her.  I will need to develop new habits!

I knew this garage sale might have possibility.  I was excited when she was open to people coming early- as in the day before she was planning. I am not normally one to swoop in before time but you know it never hurts to ask.  From the moment I walked in, I gasped as my eyes spotted an Oilily 2 piece outfit and a Indygo and it seemed as if Hanna Anderssen goods were everywhere.  This IS my element.  I instantly went into search and scan mode.  Find beautiful pieces and place into pile- check sizes later.  Another Oilily....ahh.  Then I was distracted by the table of Hanna jammies for $1 a set.  I wanted someone near me so I could scream into their ear.  

Instead I set my pile down and calmly called Nora.  I knew my phone did not have a lot of battery left but I hoped it had enough to call her.  As I was checking sizing, nothing would fit Ella.  (insert sad music) But it all would fit Greta and then eventually Hazel.  So I needed to check with Nora to see if she was interested.  The prices were too good to not get them and ship them to Pennsylvania!  I think the jammies alone were worth the price of shipping! (cue happy music)  I chatted with Nora and she seemed to think it all sounded great!  ONce I got home, I took pictures for her and emailed them to her.  She told me that she enjoyed this moment!  I think not having her here to experience this with is tough for both of us.  Garage sales and bargain shopping was a true bonding experience.  But through the lovely iPhone, we can connect even though we are hundred of miles away. Below are many of the items I purchased.  Can you hear my excitement?  You should have heard Nora's!

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saras said...

Don't forget Shay Sundblad...size 2 currently!!!