Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Love Sewing

I love old sheets.  I love this wrap dress pattern that I made.  I love bias tape on little girls clothes.  I love the big sister dresses.  What is not to love here.  Well, did I mention how much I love the girls that these dresses were for?

I was not sure if I would get these done in time for the send off for Hazel, Greta & Alice.  But a few late nights and I was able to send them off.  They are my favorite family friends who recently moved to Pennsylvania.  Alice and Ella were in kindergarten together and best friends.  Greta and Lars were born one month apart and really were buddies.  It was sad to see them hug each other good bye.   They were each other's first friend.  They always were paired together and they really did not complain.  Greta called him "Larsie Boy" as we all did, but it most certainly was sweeter from her.  Lars called her "My Greta" as if she was his only friend in the world.  We miss her stories and creative mind.  She never fails to make people laugh and be entertained.  She really has a flair for the melodrama- something Lars does as well.  It has been amazing to see these two develop and to see how different they are but yet how similar.

So my post on sewing is dedicated to dear sweet Greta! Funny how that happened. Miss you much!

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