Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lars' Barn

I was cruising through Goodwill the other day and I landed upon this barn- it was taken apart and in the box with the other two small boxes which were chock full of accessories. This is an older barn and as you can see it swings open. THis was an amazing deal - only $10.38- gotta love Goodwills crazy eight prices! I would guestimate the whole lot was over $100 new. There are a few issues with the house but for ten bucks I am never going to complain! LArs thinks it is just great and so do I!

Ella has a dollhouse by the same company, Plan Toys, and she is slowly accruing furniture to fill it. She is becoming the right age as now as she often will close the door to her room to play with her dollhouse without her little brother tagging along. He would get so sad and teary because he wanted to play too. Well, now he goes to his room to play with his barn. In fact, the two of then often go between their two rooms and play with both items !

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