Monday, August 3, 2009


I know napkins are not very exciting, but I recently finished a stack for my friend Kim and I have made quite a few for myself. The kids are really good at reaching for these re-usable napkins and since I wash my towels every other day, keeping enough clean has not been an issue. I do think when I get my serger back I will need to do another load for me. I am getting it cleaned and adjusted as some of the pieces are a little loose and need fixing. Kim's stacks are from fabric selected by her own kiddos. Lots of pink and dogs and cats if I do remember right! They turned out so cute. Her mission is to have a waste-free lunch. Her and Nora also found these adorable re-usuable lunch snack and sandwhich bags which are lined and completely washable. They are a lot like these. I think a waste-free lunch is a great if we can get the schools on board!

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