Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Week Left..boo hoo!

Such a sad sad post but one that happens every year. Right now I am having my coffee and watching cartoons with my kiddos. This is one of the luxuries I will not have after this week. Weekends only. Now don't get me wrong, but I love the time of year where I go back to school. I am also excited for the learning that is going to (hopefully) take place with my children. It still seems like a magical process- how do they remember and learn what they do!! Amazing!

This year more than others I will miss my children in a different way this year. Before I felt I was going to miss some developmental milestone or cute actions, but now I really love them for WHO they are and their personalitlies. It has been a blessing this summer to see Bret and have breakfast and lunch together as a family. This has made these times special every day which I will miss greatly. I think my goal of spending this summer with my kids rather than carting them around everywhere has been a great one. I have loved my time with friends to connect and play. I am excited for school to begin- yes I have accepted it- but I loved this summer!!

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