Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bargain Alert!

This summer has really been a bonanza of bargains! I love garage sales- there have been some great ones this summer. I really scored the other week with Kim and I found item after item for Mr. Lars. It really suprises me how much he has grown and lengthened out. So much of his 3T stuff seems so small and too short in shirts and pants. If he wasn't so skinny I would not have so many problems!

I was very excited for the half price sales at Stuff Etc. but since I regularly find things marked down that has taken some of the fun out of it. Still found new Hanna unders for Lars and a Mini Boden shirt for him too! I was in heaven when I discovered an orange pair of Keen tennies and a pair of Simple lace up high tops. He has a good assortment of shoes for his oh so skinny yet long feet.

The best fun was with Nora and Kim last weekend- my soul shopping sisters! We hit Second Act's fall opening and I shockingly only got two items for Ella and one shirt for Lars- all the rest was for me! This is indeed unusual but long overdue. I can't wait to go through my closet and throw out stuff that I do not wear. I found a great pair of sandals, several shirts and a great teal coat. Nora found me a great lavender or periwinkle skirt there a few weeks back. Oh I can't forget the shoes Nora found for me at Goodwill- these truely are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever tried on for heels. She got them for $12ish and online or at VonMauer they run $150 or more. Not exactly the kind of shoes I wear in the summer but for school - I can't wait! So for back to school shopping, I should be set with the kids (except possibly a coat for Ella- fall kind??)

I have completely decided I am in love with most all kids stuff Mini Boden- so any Stuff readers out there I would love Boden alerts anything in sizes 4 and up for boys and 6 and up in girls. I will purchase larger sizes too.

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saras said...

We got in some Boden women's clothing today. It should be out tonight or tomorrow morning. The whole middle section of the store is now high-end/designer for the whole fam! Check it out!