Friday, July 10, 2009

Red Rocks

Bret and I were treated to a glorious three (yes! three) hour Wilco Concert at one of the loveliest venues I have ever seen. We both agreed living in Denver would be great becasue you would be in such close proximity to this wonderous place. It really seems like everyone wants to play there too- so you would have unlimited concert options. What a joy that would be! We will be there in soul when Phish returns to play at the end of this month for four nights! We are pretty sure it will be Phishville there. I hope phans are respectful of this great site!

When we were returning from the mountains we decided to stop for a restroom break and to walk around a little so the kids could see all the beauty. It really is a different environment than any other part of Colorado. What a state! We loved driving around and seeing all the lots. Who knew there was a cute little red rock tunnel to the top lot! We do now!

Lars was still suffering from his altitude sickness so he did not really want to walk all around so he took several breaks which allowed me some great photo ops!

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