Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chocolate Block

I just returned from a chocolate discount store called Chocolate Block and I walked away with3 pounds of candy, chocolate covered coffee beans, and a candy bar for $15. For great yummy tasting delectables this made me astonished how cheap it was!

They have second runs from Bochner chocolate and one of the candy bars I got had the words Choxie on it...I think that is Target's brand. New flavors everyday and they are running a 20% sale this week!

Run do not walk to Pepperwood Plaza (behind K-Mart on Hwy 6) and visit this new business and satisfy your inner chocolate monster!


gregandmindy3 said...

That is to funny. Yesterday greg came home with a HUGE bag of chocolate for me yesterday and it was from there. So good i agree

We are going to have to get together before the summer is over

flutterbyblue said...

I only just discovered this spot!!! Not only is the chocolate great quality and cheap, but they offer free samples!!! I highly recommend the chocolate caramels and the blueberry almond bark.