Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shabby Apple...Not so shabby!

I found this new company Shabby Apple on the internet and discovered some beautiful creations from some of my favorite fabrics. They are also having a Picture Princess Contest! One can enter to show off the cuteness of their child to win a photo shoot and a wardrobe of Shabby Baby clothing! I am in!

Ella is a great candidate as she is beginning to love to model off her mommy's creations (I sew) and she loves to get dressed up when in the mood. She is my little princess! Ella is all ready learning to accessorize and loves going to the fabric store and find fabrics to put together for new creations. I am having a hard time keeping up with her requests!

"Peach Cobbler"- from Shabby Baby is my fav for Ella!
It also happens to match (exactly) a cami shirt I have been making from Amy Butler fabrics for myself) LOVE IT!

Ella dressed up for a wedding and striking a pose. Pink from head to toe tonight! I think she wore these pink sparkle tights for almost a week solid she loved the combination of pink and sparkles too much!

Showing off in her actual flower girl dress.

Fourth of July smile- almost 4 here!

On a plus side, I loved the adult clothing on this site as well. If you take short body 3 question survey, they will hand pick garments designed to flatter your body type. Mine was very accurate! Check it out! This is how mine turned out:

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