Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday Party Coming Soon!!

I am having a hard time believing that Lars' birthday is just around the corner. He will be three March 2nd. I decided to ask Nora if we could join forces to have a birthday extravaganza for her two February birthday girls and Lars. We have a lot of the same friends so it works well! The party will be on Valentine's Day so we have a theme that is fun and easy. Valentine treats are so easy this time of year! We also will have a craft table where kids can make their own valentines. Nora and I are renting out a gymnasium which provides toys for playing and jumpy air houses which the kids love!

This party fits all my requirements; fun, safe and cheap! I am really glad that we found a way for the kids to play and celebrate and still to save money. The other options I checked into were outrageous and overpriced! This will make several birthday children very very happy!

Best of all we are forgoing gifts for donations to the crisis center. Our kids have too much stuff! They will still get stuff from us and from grandparents which is plenty! If the kids wear pink or red, we will have a prize for them to choose from. We are still working out all the details and I am sure it will be a great party! I can't wait!

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