Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day Kleinscheule

Change is a good thing, so I need to remind myself but it is pretty easy when your kids love change and in fact seem to relish with it. Lars began this week at Kleinschule, in Amana at my school, also where Ella goes for her preschool this year.

This week Lars has:
  • gone pee in the potty at school
  • napped everyday with NO problems (in fact they are brave enough to do underwear. I told them that I think we can wait a couple of weeks.)
  • climbed and licked the radiator
  • drank all of his chocolate milk (Friday only)
  • successfully ate only chicken nuggets for lunch one day- but a lot of em
  • plays with others- and he is learning how to work it out
  • sings and sings
  • hugs all his teachers without prompting (Such sweetness!)
  • maintains a positive yet separate relationship with his sis
  • gone potty 3 time before we leave for school
  • attempted to go potty at school on his own- took down his pants and pull up himself- only to find a runny surprise- yuk! but the good news was, I did not have to clean it up!
  • sits for reading time & listens
  • loves to join in the older kids and count
  • and he loves to talk and talk and fact they teachers were happy that he could express himself so well!
Amanda asked me on one of the first days if Lars responded better to something other than his own name because he did not seem to be listening very well. I laughed whole heartedly at this because Lars uses his selective hearing majority of the time as he is 2 1/2. I wished her good luck!

Here is is when I picked him up afterschool. He was playing amongst a group of kids and singing quietly to himself. Note the hips swaying as he was also dancing a bit. He did not notice me for about 1 minutes so I was able to get this sweet pic. Then he yelled, "Mommy!" and proceeded to run to me and give me a big hug. Love and kisses!

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