Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jublin at Woot

This is another of my new favorte things to do everyday. I go check out Woot. If you have not been to Woot yet, I suggest you try it out. There is a WineWoot, ShirtWoot and regular Woot. Everyday there is something new for sale. Just one item though and if it sells out - that is it for the day. Items go on sale at midnight. WineWoot obviously sells wine, ShirtWoot sells shirts but Woot sells electronic stuff. You never know what will come up and it is always at a discounted price. You can comment on the Woot and track sales across the country or by the hour. I particularly like to Shirt Woot because there is a contest as well. You can see a bunch of cool designs and then go see what other things those artists have designed. I ran into this designer, Jublin, at shirt woot. I like this drawing of his a lot. Check his website out here.

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