Thursday, January 1, 2009

Santa 2008

Ella and Lars really wanted to see Santa but I just was not all that keen on standing in line and paying $25 for a picture. I also checked out the Santa at Coralridge and it was not the one from years past. he was much shorted and I must say he looked slightly ill as if he may pass out at any time. A certain cheery smile and twinkle in his eye seemed to be missing- infact I thought he looked in pain each time I saw him. I then remembered someone telling me that Sycamore Mall had a Santa so we decided to check him out.

Lars and ella waited through 2-3 kids in front of us and did such a great job. Then we went up. Lars went righ tup and told Santa he wanted a remote helicopter and cars. He just stared and looked at Santa for some time. Ella was hanging out checking him out- she is very wary of bearded strangers (always has been) then she went onto his lap and proceeded to tell him all she wanted was a purple dog with a heart on his bottom. This unfortunately was the last toy I told her she could not have from Stuff. As she is asking for it I am groaning in pain! Bret's mom went to look for it but looking for a stuffed animal at Stuff is like a needle in a haystack.

I think they liked seeing Santa but Ella wil figure out the charade soon. She is very weary of the "fakes". She did tell me that this one had a real beard. I also enjoyed when she told him how we put out reindeer food the year before in Africa Santa gave me a look as if he was not sure to believe them. I laughed and reminded Ella how we had to let Santa know where we were.

I need to remember to really keep things a better secret next year. I alsmost spilled the beans a few times. Also separate wrapping paper!!! I did do that, but I think I can be more mysterious next year. I think now that Christmas is over we can rest Santa until next year.

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