Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I love to do crafts and sew.
2. In a prior life I was a waitress and used to have nightmares about burning down the restaurant and rolling silverwear (not at the same time!)
3. I love being a mom.
4. I did not think I was going to have kids for a long time. It was not a goal.
5. I am pretty good at fixing electrical things and repairing house stuff in general.
6. I have been to traffic school for speeding. (13 years ago!)
7. I have been to more than 15 Phish show concerts. And I would like to see them this summer. Dream!
8. I love movies in general! But I really love well written and directed movies. They are often ones I can't watch til the kids are asleep.
9. I am slightly obsessed with my children's closets. I love to bargain shop at Stuff & Goodwill. Garage sales are just around the corner.
10. I worry about my mom - a lot. But not sure how I can help.
11. I am thankful to have my mother in law be one of my best friends.
12. I'm sad a close friend may move away this year. I am in denial.
13. I cannot wait to get my own classroom next year. Not having a room SUCKS! No matter how many times I smile and say I can deal, I still hate not having my own space.
14. I hated gardening as a kid but now I can't have a summer without one.
15. I love living in Iowa City. I think it is a great place to raise my kids.
16. I used to go by Jeni.
17. Clothing is meant to be dried outside. Best smell ever!
18. I really think crocs are the ugliest thing ever invented! (though cute on kids!)
19. When I met Bret, we had a "Shot of the month" club. Wild turkey for November.
20. I am a good skier. I even taught a blind student to ski!
21. I don't get people who are mean. Perhaps I am too nice.
22. I used to be a ravenous reader. Now I am lucky to read one book a month.
23. It is a great thing that my husband is also the one who knows what I am trying to say when I can't say it.
24. I think religion and politics should bring people together not polarize neighbors against one another.
25. I love my daughter's smile and son's dimples, and absolutely everything about them!

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