Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Living Room Inspirations....

Dusty Grey from Benjamin Moore
I may have a paint color chosen.  So now I just need to paint.
Then the trickle down effect, new curtains.  How are these from Ikea?

I think the white is needed to help lighten up the darker paint color.  I am still not sure if they will keep out enough sunlight.  We will see.

Probably a new rug too. 

Flor tiles from CB2- add a little color into the place
Orange....what can I say.  I like it with the greys.
Cheap, Ikea, soft-covers my stained living room carpet.
Not sure what this color really is in real life.  Ikea- color!

Always looking out for new pillows too.

I love these poofs from CB2!
Orange bird pillow.  A winner in may ways.
They call this the carrot pillow.  Pretty sure I could make this.
Perhaps I can make these.

Perhaps some "art" for the walls.  I see abacuses (abaci ?) are making a comeback.  regardless I know I could make this.  Hmmmm.  It is from CB2.  Pretty large- 3 or 4 feet long.


Seriously, orange and grey was everywhere to be seen.  This could be a real update for us!  We might be in style!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cute Backpacks

Had to post pictures of this cuteness before I loose the website.  I love Room Seven for the beautiful fabrics they use and adorable girl clothing combos they put together year to year.  I have never owned any R7 though.  I saw they make backpacks and they are CUTE too!  Now if only I can find one at a garage sale....

Greta Visits the DMV

Perhaps you saw my recent garage sale finds.  Well this was the recipient, Greta.  This girl can accessorize like no one I know.  Right down to the horse.  Why, of course!

Japanese Sewing Love

I love Japanese patterns.  Simple. Beautiful. Fun. Playful. Timeless.


What Did You Do on Your Maternity Leave?

I have to share this wonderfully creative and inspiring blog of a mother on maternity leave.  It is called Mila's Daydream.  She posed her baby (sleeping) quickly with items from around the house into these imaginative "dream" sequences.  I think this sounds like such fun, but I remember thinking that this was my nap time too!  Check it out!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to School Supplies

This bag was free!  I am not kidding!  Staples is running a free backpack rebate.  Buy a bag this week, send away for a Staples card in the amount you pay for the backpack.  I got this one for Ella for $25.  Oh- if you need paper, stock up on these packs for one cent.  Yes 1 cent!

This may complete my back to school shopping.  I do think most everything I purchased was on sale and I did it in two or three trips over a few weeks.  Watch the sales circulars or check them online and always be on the lookout for in store specials.  Target really rocked the specials this year.

I also happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE back to school shopping.  Perhaps a bit too much.  So having a list and sticking to it is of vital necessity for me.  Otherwise I end up taking tons of stuff to my classroom and giving it away to the kids.  I do not need to do this and I am showing good constraint this summer! (so far....)

Out With the Old in with the New

Recently Brenda, my MIL, took the kids for a day and I cleaned and reorganized their rooms.  It was wonderful watching their faces when they came home as they ohhed and ahhed in regards to the clean rooms and how they wer changed around.  Lars seems to love his and Ella thinks it is just great, but wonders why I did not change it around more.  Well, because you stress out with too much change baby girl.  I know you.  But apparently she wanted more.  Too funny!

I was thinking it was time and they will take good care of it all.  This morning though I heard a bunch of shuffling around int heir room and when I asked what was going on, they decided to trade rooms.  Apparently they wanted more of a change.  So they were busy relocating all their stuffed animals and prized loveys.  I think this was a game designed to drive me crazy.  Needless to say, after a discussion on taking care of our belongings and not driving mommy crazy, they slowly spent parts of the rest of the day moving belongings back to their original home.  Gotta love the movers! I think they were just caught up in the fun.

Summer Love Sewing

I love old sheets.  I love this wrap dress pattern that I made.  I love bias tape on little girls clothes.  I love the big sister dresses.  What is not to love here.  Well, did I mention how much I love the girls that these dresses were for?

I was not sure if I would get these done in time for the send off for Hazel, Greta & Alice.  But a few late nights and I was able to send them off.  They are my favorite family friends who recently moved to Pennsylvania.  Alice and Ella were in kindergarten together and best friends.  Greta and Lars were born one month apart and really were buddies.  It was sad to see them hug each other good bye.   They were each other's first friend.  They always were paired together and they really did not complain.  Greta called him "Larsie Boy" as we all did, but it most certainly was sweeter from her.  Lars called her "My Greta" as if she was his only friend in the world.  We miss her stories and creative mind.  She never fails to make people laugh and be entertained.  She really has a flair for the melodrama- something Lars does as well.  It has been amazing to see these two develop and to see how different they are but yet how similar.

So my post on sewing is dedicated to dear sweet Greta! Funny how that happened. Miss you much!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Swimming Extravaganza

I can't remember the last time I have been swimming this much.  Let me recap my week.  

Monday- birthday party at City Park
Tuesday- Kent Park
Wednesday- indoor swimming at Canteburry Inn or as the kids like to call it- "The Castle"
Thursday- break
Friday- Kent Park
Saturday- Elks Club

So we did not visit North Liberty, Coralville or the pool in Williamsburg.  We may have to try that this week.  Although it looks like rain today so I may schedule these for another day this week.  We also may go to the Dubuqe water park this weekend.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Long Distance Garage Sale

 This sweater by Oilily has a "home is where the heart is" logo.

I have heard of long distance phone calls and long distance relationships but have you heard of long distance garage sales?  Well, I think Nora and I just invented this terminology.  I jokingly tell Nora that she will never be out of my life, but it seriously is difficult knowing when I walk by a pair of Primigi shoes I just can't run them across the street to her.  I will need to develop new habits!

I knew this garage sale might have possibility.  I was excited when she was open to people coming early- as in the day before she was planning. I am not normally one to swoop in before time but you know it never hurts to ask.  From the moment I walked in, I gasped as my eyes spotted an Oilily 2 piece outfit and a Indygo and it seemed as if Hanna Anderssen goods were everywhere.  This IS my element.  I instantly went into search and scan mode.  Find beautiful pieces and place into pile- check sizes later.  Another Oilily....ahh.  Then I was distracted by the table of Hanna jammies for $1 a set.  I wanted someone near me so I could scream into their ear.  

Instead I set my pile down and calmly called Nora.  I knew my phone did not have a lot of battery left but I hoped it had enough to call her.  As I was checking sizing, nothing would fit Ella.  (insert sad music) But it all would fit Greta and then eventually Hazel.  So I needed to check with Nora to see if she was interested.  The prices were too good to not get them and ship them to Pennsylvania!  I think the jammies alone were worth the price of shipping! (cue happy music)  I chatted with Nora and she seemed to think it all sounded great!  ONce I got home, I took pictures for her and emailed them to her.  She told me that she enjoyed this moment!  I think not having her here to experience this with is tough for both of us.  Garage sales and bargain shopping was a true bonding experience.  But through the lovely iPhone, we can connect even though we are hundred of miles away. Below are many of the items I purchased.  Can you hear my excitement?  You should have heard Nora's!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Six going on Sixteen.

Really- why does my dear, sweet, loving, little daughter have an attitude that makes me sometimes want to send her across the room? I wish I were kidding.  She was in tears today, her birthday because Mommy (ME) yelled at her on her birthday. She thought that since it was her birthday, that she could not, should not get in trouble, for anything!  I guess I remember that statute from when I was little, but at least it was in my head.  I stood my ground and insisted on respect and nice treatment of others all day, including her brother. 

Lars was the point of contention today.  She actually argued with me this morning about how she did not want to be nice to him.  She agreed to be nice to everyone else but she chose to stand her ground on this point (Lars) - wanting to be able to hit or kick her brother whenever she feels like it. Argh.

We did work through this, then on with the birthday experience.  Her day began with heart shaped pancakes by her daddy.  Then when her brother woke up he brought her present to her.  She loved the hamster and gerbils Little Pet Shop.  Awwww.  Then we were on to run a few errands and went to see Jess.  There Ella received more LPS- a whole container of pets and a circus!   Seriously more than any child needs in a lifetime.

Then we were onto lunch at the Hilltop with Daddy.  Ella and Lars played with the pool balls and watched Daddy play video games at our favorite local bar.  The lunch was surprisingly good!  I recommend giving it  ago.  The choclate chip cookies following the lunch (2 for a dollar) are always a huge hit! 


Next we went to gather up our pool stuff to go swimming at City Pool.  Lars was an absolute fish and doggy paddling underwater with his daddy.  Ella's friends came and Natalie, Chloe and Morgan all had a great time playing and splashing Daddy. I wish I had pictures of the four girls as the jumped into the pool in unison.  They really were just adorable and having so much fun together. Then the rain came. After about 1 1/2 hours the sprinkles turned to a downpour.  My plan was to head to a nearby shelter, but the girls looked at me like I was crazy. I began to agree with them as the rain showed no sign of sying off.  So we decided to take the party to our house where we could actually dry off.  We headed back and Vonn and his mother joined us.  The kids played some more and we ate pizza and sang and had Yummy's cupcakes.  Ella was exhausted by the end and I think it was a day of fun!  The rain added to our excitement and craziness but we all dried off and the kids screamed and enjoyed the running and fun of it all!

 I love the face and the movement in this birthday picture!