Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Sightings

We were all in the backyard the other day and Lars excitedly screamed for me to come to the side of the house to see something exciting. I heard him yelling, "Come see the pecker mommy!" Sure enough there was a woodpecker in the neighbors tree.

We all enjoyed the moment and watched as two woodpeckers frolicked about our heads. So we laid down on the ground then my children rested their heads on my torso- such a relaxing a peaceful moment we had.

Lars then spotted a dinosaur- a T-rex- in the sky. I took a picture because it really did! We laid with each other for a blissful 15 minutes until daddy pulled up home from work. I skipped my workout this day but the moment will always be such a great one. One missed workout can always be made up!

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