Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Boy Pants

It seems like I always think of fun things to make for Ella, so I have been working on giving Lars some creative attention. I think these pants (and the robot shirt) should help me in this category. I think making him elastic pants makes sense because he can actually get them on and off for potty.

First, I used a pair of his Hanna pants I love so much and I traced them with a generous seam allowance and made my own pattern. I decided to add a contrasting cuff onto both pants for cuteness and for length. I figured if they were too long, then they could be rolled up with a splash of color. Lars loved the Heather Ross cars material which I trimmed out with a pinwale orange cord material. So sweet!

I fell in love with the next material which is logs with tiny pink ants hiding throughout the pattern. I picked up on the blue with my favorite go to aqua blue dots. I have a plan to make a coordinating t-shirt with some kind of "A is for ant" message with an image likeness of an ant from the material. I think this will be a great outfit for school in the fall.

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