Monday, June 15, 2009

Card Table Makeover

I think this was a curbside find,and Bret did not know why I kept it as it was old and not pretty. Well I thought it had good structure and I knew I would be able to save it.

I have had this project in my head but have not gotten around to it. The other day I was in the garage and I spotted my table and some nice brown spray I naturally decided to get to work. The top pried off easily with metal bent tabs holding it down. Then I cleaned and sprayed the table base and legs a dark chocolate brown and then a clear coat to protect the paint from scratching off.

Next was the best part. I visited the girls at Home Ec. for some truly fantastic oilcloth- which is a little thinner- more of a vinyl backed fabric. It is a Michael Miller fabric and they call it laminated cotton. It is great as it still has some stretch in it.

I stapled this to the base taking care to line up the geometric design and to also not mar this fabric. The corners I saved for last wrapping them around and stapling them like crazy using 1/4 inch staples using my trusty staple gun.

Then on to assembling! This proved to be the most difficult (but not by much) part of the whole task as I was struggling to get the metal tabs to bend back over to hold the top into place.

Voila- a new table- I may need to have my very own lemonade stand! Or a rousing game of cards may need to occur on one of these summer nights!

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Zelda Martin said...

Good tip on the material used. Hopefully, this will be cheaper and more accessible than the vinyl I read about on another blog.