Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sisterly Love

Today at preschool Ella and Lars were excited about the upcoming valentine's day party. Lars told me as I picked him up that he was sad today. I asked if he cried and he told me that he did. He was sad when they watched a movie and he could not have popcorn. I guess you have to be 3 to have popcorn and he about 2 weeks from three years old. So they told him that he could not have any popcorn. I really wonder how badly he handled this news since popcorn night is one of his favorites her in our house. (Bad parents!) So the best part of the story was when Ella revealed that she decided to secretly sneak him some popcorn. Lars was happy about his triumphant ruse on the preschool teachers and most of all happy that his sissy decided to include him in her evil plans. Let's hope they continue to develop this ability to work together in other ways than to get things they aren't supposed to have. But I guess it has to start somewhere, right?

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