Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pingg Perfect

A dreamy design from Pingg

I was reminded how much I love invitations in a prior post. I did forgo the paper invite this year and I used a website Pingg to create an track the invites for the recent birthday party. It is a free website and they have some of the best designs I have found. I like this site way more than "evites". I think they have way more options that you could take advantage of as well. You can add pictures and video as well.

Some of the cool things this site does is it tracks who has viewed your invite and it allows you to take a quick guest count. You can also connect to other apps like Facebook. You can also send out a reminder and thank yous using the same website. I think it was convienient and near everyone responded through email. I still insist I love paper invites but this was SOOO easy and did I say FREE??

Check out some of the beautiful designs I chose that you can choose from:

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