Sunday, February 8, 2009


We have spent the past 2 days jumping. Hopping like frogs, bunnies and elephants in puddles around the neighborhood. The arrival of the melting of the snow is a welcome sight. Yesterday we embarked on a short walk and neighbors Natalie and Max joined us. I forgot to watch ahead for puddles and their feet were drenched as they has tennies on , not boots. I truly apologize to Ellen for the dampened feet. It was something we tried to prevent but just came to the realization that it would be easier not to fight it. I will say Ella may have the cutest rainboots ever! She loves them and splashed her little heart out today. I will need to get pics for later. They were so cold when we got home they wanted to come in and take off their wet clothes. Their pants were pretty soaked but they did not care. Here is to jumping in puddles!

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