Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am really wondering if selective hearing is a serious problem? All jokes aside it is frustrating to parents but I am really concerned that Lars could really get hurt because he chooses what to listen to and might ignore the really important dangerous stuff.

That said, he has improved as this week has gone along. Many many time outs later. He went to bed about 1 hour early the other night since he was having trouble at dinner. Today was a great day at school and he was joking with Angie.

Angie also decided to share a funny (HA) story with me. She told me that she was standing by the door the other day and water was sprinkling on her. I was a little worried about where she was going. She then told me that the water was from the water fountain- which I would add is about 7-8 feet away from the door. Lars had learned how to turn it on and stick his little finger in the spigot to make the water shoot a stream across the room. I used this as an example of innovation in my class on Design and Innovative Thinking. Lars took an ordinary object and turned it into something fun. That is my boy.

For all the troubles he makes he can still be as sweet as can be. He snuggled with me for sometime this morning as he was tired. I love the snuggles and will take them when I can get them. Love you little boy!

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gregandmindy3 said...

Dont you just love the boys!! Mine is a cuddler too!! They will keep us laughing that is for sure