Sunday, February 8, 2009

Resolution Updates

So far I am trying to make due on my 3 areas of focus for 2009. Let me remind myself:
  1. Exercise
  2. Financial Reform
  3. Fun!
I think so far I have been very successful with #1, exercise, but I am still wondering when I will see an impact on the scale. I am being very impatient- I know. I can actually make it through a cardio class now and breathe. I definitely felt like I was dying 3 weeks ago. I met with e personal yoga trainer, James, adn he set me up with my own Sun Salutation. I will blog about that another time. He determined I was strong, especially in my upper body but I lacked flexibility especially in my lower body. Not a huge surprise! He made my own little routine for me to improve the areas that need it most. I really enjoyed the personalized approach.

Financial reform...argh. I just don't see anyway to do better that we are. This is the most frustrating and yet I seem almost powerless in this realm of my life. I need to think more and talk more in this area. I have been keeping track of spending and I am spending less. The bills just never seem to end. Is it just me?

Finally #3, FUN! The superbowl party was fun- thanks Nora & Jeff! Walking around the block was more fun than I counted on! I think the little fun things I do with the kids like that are waht really matter. Ella had a girl in her preschool who was having a party today which I decided was not something she needed to do. Instead she spent time with daddy cooking and making puzzles while I worked out. She was so excited! So I am really learning that fun does not need to be a party - just an interesting activity for those involved. However, next week we shall have a "Super Duper Valentine Birthday Party" for Lars, Alice & Greta. Fun all around! It has been a pretty stressful week at work with conferences, meetings and paperwork galore. I need more fun! Watch out.

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