Thursday, October 2, 2008

Up the Hill Tantrum

I forgot to write this ancetdote about Ella. I will start with the preface that I am NOT ready for her to be grown up.

Last week, Lars was sick and needed to go to the doctor. Dr. Hackbarth was not available so we went to see Dr. Shaw. Ella was less than well behaved at the office. She ran away from me at the end of the appointment- she was tired and hungry. I was pretty upset as she was very naughty and kept running away from me. I hurdled Lars into the car, then I needed to go back and grab Ella and put her into the car. She was getting huge delight in running away from mom and eliciting a reaction form Mr. Lars. In the car she demanded I sing the "Up the hill" song when we go up a big hill by where we live. I was pretty riled up from getting her into the car at the doctor's office, so I told her that I will not do fun things for for 2 reasons- one: she demanded rather than asked I sing and two: when you act naughty you do not get to do fun things. She was very mad at this response and with crossed arms (in her car seat) she declared loudly that she was not going to be my little girl anymore. she really my little girl now? Now I know this is not the worst I will see but she is only four. Oh my.

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