Monday, October 20, 2008

5 Things I Hate to Admit....

I really should be working, but I should really get these things off my chest.

1. I hate to admit I really don't care about organic foods. I know some things are a big deal. And I even buy it sometimes, but life is just too short to worry about it. My kids love all food and I just want to expose them to as much good stuff as I can. I believe in buying local when I can. and you all know in many cases that may just mean HyVee :).

2. I have to admit I have a weakness for kids clothes- most of you know this. But the problem lies that I have a weakness for expensive kids clothes. Good thing I refuse to spend much money on this habit. I love the art of a deal. I would guess I still spend too much here though. Thus my resolution to buy less. (I am working on it!) Good thing I have garage sales, Stuff and Goodwill to supply my shopping needs.

3. I hate to admit I love kids music (most of it) and bad movies. For the music- I think it is more predictable and easy to remember. Now don't get me wrong - I love high brow artful thinking movies too. But give me Roadhouse with the Swayze and a beer and I am oh so happy.

4. I hate to admit I love Cheetoes a bit too much. I always hate myself after I realize the entire bag is gone. In fact some of the bags I have noticed are 4- can you believe it- 4 servings. I try so hard to not eat them in one sitting, but you know...

5. I really hate to admit,we do not read everynight (GASP!). Scooby Doo has infiltrated our bedtime routine and a miracle has occurred. (see prior blog) The kids actually go to bed everynight- with fewer issues. It is a miracle. I am set to continue the Scooby and Shaggy tradition- with little regret. I need to work on reading at other times.

One more to make you all laugh... I really need to admit that I really, really hate my feet. I hate pedicures because someone else has to touch my feet. Ewwww. I kinda think they look better afterwards but it still creeps me out. They cut off skin and rub off skin. I think it may the one of the grossest jobs ever. I need to remember to tip them more next time I go! I hate plenty of other parts of my body- but I at least feel I can change them with work. Unfortunately, I am stuck with these size 11 feet forever.

Mindy- btw I share the toothbrushing issue. It just seems like so much work some days...

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