Friday, October 24, 2008

He finally did it!

I have been trying, unsuccessfully to get my children to eat tomatoes. They always wanted one of the cherries from the garden because they looked so red. I think it reminded them of grapes. So they would put them in their mouth. Then out came the tongue with tomato usually with a huge- YUK!

Until Sunday. Lars wanted what mommy was having since he helped me pick the last remaining tomatoes. I wondered if he would eat it if I put sugar. Apparently a spoonful of sugar can make anything go down!

There really must be something going on with my kids right now. Ella also ate an acorn squash. Not a few pieces or some mashed up. She wanted a half just like mommy's. So I showed her how to scoop it out and mix it with the sugar mixture in the bottom of the bowl. She proceeded to eat all of hers and some of mine. I was impressed!

I am blessed to have such good eaters. They frustrate me at times but then they surprise me too!

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