Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hostess Cupcakes & Apple Pies

No this is not the new lunch menu at our home, but rather ingredients to impress upon our 2 1/2 year old who does not seem to care about following directions or acting appropriately towards others. He learned the word "stupid" from his sister and just won't let it drop whenever he is upset. He will call people stupid when he is unsure of a situation or gets the answer 'no' or just plain does not like what a person has to say. I have been trying , unsuccessfully, to get him to say what he really wants but he persists with this word.

Needless to say , it worked. So enter the Hostess cupcake. They look really yummy and come in packs of 2. He was gorrible at the airport the other day. Just refusing to listen and wanting to explore on his terms. Then he called another adult stupid. We left pretty much right there and he was not happy becasue he wanted to stay. I pulled over at the roadstop to give him a time out because he continued the stupid rant in the car. Ella pointed out that htere were snack machines. I wondered if there was something there that might help me in my situation. Hostess cupcakes sounded great! I proceeded to give Ella one and she was very excited. She talked about it and how yummy it was and how it had filling inside. Then Lars realized he was not going to get one. But he was most confused because he saw two in the package. He screamed and cried pretty much the whole way to Coralville. I refused to talk to him until he calmed down. He did eventually (15 minutes later) calm down. He wanted to have the treat in the car, but I would not let him have it in the car. I would not even discuss it with him until he calmed down. Ahh the power of the cupcake. one things Lars may need is motivation to change some of his naughty behaviors.

So for lunch today, Bret had 2 apple pies. When Lars started goofing off, Bret gave his apple pie to Ella. She actually knew what we were doing and played along really well. He finished his eating and ceased all goofing off behaviors immediately when given the chance. Now- I do not want to develop a sugar monster here but this seems to be all that he really wants. He can't wait for trick or treak, now I guess I know why!

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