Monday, October 13, 2008

Scooby Doo

We have tried hard to read to the kids every night. In fact we usually do- but the Scooby Doo tradition just snuck up on me. Bret found it was a great way to get them to calm down right before bedtime and then before we knew it, it really worked. So, Scooby at bedtime it is unless there is some kind of weird programming change on Boomerang.

Lars' favorite is Thelma (although it sounds like Wilma). I was confused on this for weeks, since we also would watch Flintstones from time to time. Ella likes Daphne becasue she is pretty and has a pink dress. So if you would happen to wear a pink dress, you too could be Ella's favorite. Her criteria is pretty simple! I had a pink tank top on at bedtime last night, and you would have thought I had a prom dress on by Ella's reaction!

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