Friday, October 9, 2009

Slow Parent Ahead

I just read another article on the "Slow Parenting" movement. Interesting stuff. It almost seems like people are being told through these kind of articles that they have to choose a side as to which kind of parent they want to be. Instead, I prefer the approach that you just need to be with your kids and offer them the most you can on whatever terms you feel is right to help your child develop into the person they want to be. I am certain this can be done regardless of what classes you sign your kids up for. I long to have the privilege of time with my family that is safe, fun, relaxing and just mine. No pressure - not always an agenda other than we just want to do this.

I have also heard this idea called "lazy parenting" which, of course, I do not like. I see my actions for NOT doing the many things as very purposeful which in reality is not laziness but rather wanting to be and live in the moment. I do have the worry about working and missing many moments but I think if you use this approach you can strive for the balance and connection we all need within our lives.

That being said, I have long since gotten over the fact that I don't have my kids signed up for any lessons this fall and I am not sure there will be any this spring. This past summer we did swimming but that was the only planned activity we did. We enjoyed the wonders of Kent Park, pools,the library, the backyard, parks and playing with friends.

I plan on continuing sharing my ideas and really being lazy thus enjoying my kids and family and allowing life to take me where it chooses.

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