Monday, October 19, 2009

Kitchen Finals...for now

This is the desk I posted many different carts to replace. Bret wonders if we changed the top and handles, and possibly new legs if then we would not hate it as much. I think I woudl still hate it. It stands for old ugly kitchen. I want a new nice counter area!

What do you think of these chairs? Our others have served us well- but after many years of love and use they may need to put out to pasture. I love these modern clean looking chairs. I also like the version in a light wood.

Now I will need to start work on our holiday surpise of hanging up some very special artwork for the walls to complete this transformation. Oh and I am reminded of the sad neglected apartment int he basement where I will need to paint and hang blinds too. How come I always want to do my stuff first?

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