Sunday, October 11, 2009

Green Baby!

Boy... it sure is green. Bright bright green. I do think the yellow table really pops and the blue in the floor seems to be brighter too. I plan on using all white or stainless accessories too. Once i have the second coat up, I plan on hanging up cafe curtains in the back window and on the window above the sink. All then I need is the cart from IKEA to go where the desk is.

I have been eyeing these too.

I still am not sure which one will be best. But all I know is I cannot wait to get rid of the horrid desk that is in there right now and have a more functional item in its place. Then onto the wall accessorites! Bret and I have quite the non-traditional surprise in store here. I am hoping we can have a small holiday party as I am hoping we are done with everything by then. Let's hope!

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