Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sorry Bret...

Major admittance here. I actually forgot our anniversary. The irony (If you can call it that) is we were married on 11-11 so I would never forget, but I did. I knew on the weekend that it was coming and I was even excited. Well, it fell on a Tuesday and I can get in a groove during the week. I had 2 days of meetings in Cedar Rapids, so I had to prepare for them and my mind was going a million different ways. So I forgot the unforgettable date.

Needless to say, we had a great weekend! Brenda took the kids and we went out Friday to the Hilltop. Then Saturday we went to the Purdue football game with friends from Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. It was cold! But nothing we weren't able to keep warm with by dressing with layers and drinking warming beverages. Much thanks to Libbey's mom for the tastiest bloody marys. We had fun at 808 with Ron and his buds. How do they do $1 can of beer? Then I also need to thank Matt and Tracy for the warmest tailgate and the best walking tacos. It was the perfect snack to follow up the game. I jokingly told Bret I wanted nachos at Carlos, so he gave me a hard time all night that I wanted to go to Carlos O'Kelly's for our anniversary dinner. I just wanted nachos!

Bret & Jen - 14 years and still loving life

Herky & Purdue Perry ? fighting over the hammer

Kevin & Bret celebrating a great game and a great time

So we went home to rest and then much later had a fantastic dinner at Givanni's. I have been gong there since before our rehearsal dinner there in 1994 and I will say that I have rarely been disappointed! Bret did think the spinach polenta with my chicken marsala (instead of the usual garlic mashed potatoes) was anarchy. He, of course, had his gnocci- he always does. It was a wonderful evening without kids! I went to get them the following morning and was surprised how much I missed them. It was nice to have time without them and spend time with my dear husband, but I loved having my babies back in my arms!

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