Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Chatterbox

Turns out that once a child learns to talk, they never stop! Lars was never a super loud child but he was more action than words. Now, I am rethinking that statement. He loves to talk. He loves to tell me about his day. He loves to tell me about a problem or a story. He loves to make things up- which is always interesting.

The other night, he woke up in the middle of the night (I love daylight savings time) and he proceeded to near cry and tell me that he needed to come to my room to sleep becasue there was a big spider in his room and he could not sleep. I was so exhausted, I did not argue- I just wanted him to go back to sleep. Well- he came to my room then after a short while he wanted to go back to his room. Bret took him back and I heard him retell the entire spider ordeal to Bret, then he went back to bed. Interestingly, in the morning, he retold me the spider story in his super fast, no punctuation, no breath, manner of toddler talking. Do you remember the fast talker guy from the commercials in the 80's for Fed Ex- kinda like that! I swear all his words blend together. I think it is amazing I ever understand him at all!

Some of his favorite garbles:
gardigan-- Backyardigans
Powers- means the Hulk
Ole Macdonald- McDonalds
I will need to think of more...

When he sings "Where is Thumbkin" & "Freres Jacques"- he combines the two. It is some kind of naughty version of "Where is my cock at?" We truly just laugh at him and move on.

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