Friday, November 28, 2008

Cute as Button

This is becoming the holiday where I am making a large majority of my gifts for friends and family. (Please do not feel left out if you do not get something I made. I cannot get it all done! I am working on a plan so all will be involved sooner or later...)

But this blog is all about the adorable hair clips I made using 5/8 fabric buttons (which I made) and glued onto clips to make barettes. I want to give these to cousins and Ella's friends. We love these clips here at home.

I also made a clip holder and below is a semi tutorial on how to do it! I stole this idea from Sew Simple. I like the magazine because it takes basic stuff and messes with it- just in the same way I like to. Enjoy and enjoy more creations to come!

Take a piece of felt ( about 10x15) and use a zigzag stich at a large setting to sew a ribbon or yarn down the middle. Sew between the pins so 2" is unattached on either end. Ribbon/yarn will hang over quite a bit.

Flip case over and fold in about 2-3" depending upon size of original. Pin in place. Use a straight stitch and stich around the entire case, catching ribbon in your stitching.

Viola! Fold case in half and tie ribbon. Such a cute little holder for clips. I think this will be so much better to have than clips thrown in a plastic baggy in the bottom of my purse.

Blurry pic of the fabric buttons. I may need to look for a more clear one.

Final clips all lined up. I used E-6000 glue. It smells kinda funny but dries clear and attaches pretty much anything. The button sticks up a bit, but in the hair it looks adorable!

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