Friday, January 14, 2011

Week of January 14th

New Boden monster shirt, with lined skate trousers in orange cammo

Smile, nope.  Boden pants with Gap purple shirt- it has tiny skulls on it but looks like dots from a distance. Note the Missmatched socks. 

Ahhh, a smile!  Leggings (gymbo) gap skirt, Camp tee from Lake Macbride (She loves this shirt!)

Boden brushed tartans (proud to boast that I got these for 5.99 at Second Act!) With Boden shark shirt. Love the pose!

Gap fleece pants, Boden guitar shirt, MIssmathced socks!

Boden cord pants, with Wes & Willy shirt- both super bargains!

Boden shirt, gymbo pants- rockstar pose.


Nora said...

"I like all of Ella's and all of Larsie's outfits. Why wouldn't Ella smile?" - Alice

Jen said...

LOL. That's my girl!