Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patagonia Find

It needed a good soak because it was very dirty!  I should have taken a picture of the soaking water.  I was really grossed out and it takes a lot for me to get grossed out.  Then I washed it up and it is a great coat~the only question is, is it a girls or a boys?  Ella is not thrilled by it.  She likes fuzzy and warm.  I think it is VERY warm- but this is a deceiving coat in that category since it is a poly fill.  

I know it is an older line, but I like it. I am still a sucker for orange unless it starts to look like pennetentiary orange- but this does not. (I hope!) I know it will be great for Lars when he fits into it.  It is a bit large on Ella right now- so perhaps she'll like it for next season.  Not too shappy for under $20 from Second Act.  I found it on sale there, believe it or not! I figure I whould be able to resell it for 20 or more with no problems!

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