Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where Has Jen Been?

I have been busy. I have been trying to find more space in my life for family. Blogs and computer screen time seem to eat away at that like a disease. So simplification apparently is the goal for 2010.

There is, of course, a lot else in way of change happening here but I think I am going to focus my blog this year on my frugalistic ways and only focus on dealing with 2 kids on a budget. Of course some of their cuteness may sneak their way onto the blog but I will let you know more about my challenge (COMING SOON!) and ways I decide to keep things simple.

Expect fewer posts, that focus on my challenge for the year. I think this will be fun and take a little less of my time and energy! Enjoy- I know I will have fun.

1 comment:

Elly said...

You KNOW that I'll be following you. I miss you already.