Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy Weekend

I think this picture sums up all the fun we had today. Might be one of my favorites ever of Lars. I think the dimple is perfectly captured!

We began Sunday with a breakfast at the airport and the kids got to see airplanes take off and land. They sat in a helicopter too. I think Lars' favorite hands down was the ambulance and firetrucks he could explore. He would have stayed there all day if they let him and if I was comfortable with him around that many buttons.

In the afternoon, we visited ACT for their yearly family picnic. This year the theme was Pirates! They kids happily dressed the part and had fun as they partook in the activities like the treasure dig, carousel ride, and train ride. We all had our pictures taken on the pirate ship but I am still awaiting to see our happy pirate family. I think we all had a great relaxing afternoon, but I do not ever remember it being quite so crowded. Perhaps next year we won't have to wait until 3:00 to go- obviously nap time still dictates our social scene. I can't wait till there are no naps but I also fear the day there are no naps.

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