Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trunk Show

We have a date & a place!
Mon. 10/13 6-9pm at 907 Fairchild, Iowa CIty
Please save some time that evening to come over to my friend Kim's house to preview Boden's goods. The rep will bring samples of womens and children's clothing so you can see the quality and check their sizing. I have not been able to figure out their womens' sizes for the life of me.

The perks are: 15% off and free shipping & returns on orders over $150. You also get to handle merchandise and see for yourself why Boden has become such a hot clothing line. I have several used pieces and I think they are great quality and such original designs and colors. Boden is a company that has a bit of a retro feel but they certainly combine patterns and colors in modern ways. their colors and combinations are so well liked that I have really begun to notice their influence on others clothing companies who are imitating their styles.

Invitations will be sent out soon, but if you know someone who would be interested, please tell them to stop by or have them email me:

It is not like a typical Pampered Chef party where people stay the whole time and are subjected to a testimonial or presentation. Typically people stop in to check out merchandise and place orders before leaving. Usually they are there for 10 minutes or as little as 5. I recommend checking out the great website - one of my favorites to get inspiration from for my kids clothing!

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