Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Party Soon

Had to share my husband's great theme idea for Lars' bday party.  I can't remember the last party we had for him, possible age 2? Poor guy!  
It should be fun though, we will be swimming and playing  "Minute to Win It" games.  I am excited to see how he and his buddies like it.  Now to figure out how many get to go.  I was trying to keep it small, then at the dinner table last night, he told Bret, "I shoudl be able to invite how many I am" - meaning if I am 5 I get to invite 5.  Bret thought that seemed pretty logical.  I laughed as I was trying to kep it small and manageable.  That may be out the winow! HA

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Upcycle- St. Patty's Day

 I finally made an upcycle! I have been wanting to for some time- but after being inspired by all the ones I see on line, I told myself to kick it and get one done.

I thought St. Patty's Day was doable and I found 3 great shirts at Goodwill to recycle into my DD dress. I used my Wendy as my guide(for the line) as I love the fit of it.

I do not have it hemmed yet as I need to try it on her to check length. Likely I will just serge the hem as well. It did go together very quickly- an hour?ish? But the cutting and assembling took a bit longer than that.

I can't wait to get a pic of DD in it!

Sunday Best

February Fashion Show

So my camera cord has been missing.  Here is a large upload to see what my angels have been wearing this month.  I have been clearing closets- ready for this weather to change!  My son is moving 100% out of 4s and into 5s.  His legs finally and suddenly decided to grow and perhaps they will make his torso look less freakishly long!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things I wanna make....

These are some ideas of things I would like to make this summer....

cookie tank, easy applique on a tank.  Great easy- cute.

Perhaps match the tank to a skirt...

This is using daddy's shirt and cutting off collar and adding contrasting pockets.  I love this idea!  Will Bret donate a shirt?

I love these halter shirts.  I really want to make a summery one for Ella.  I think I can do it without a pattern.  I need summer so I can sew again!  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last Week...

A Shoe for Nora

I found you the PERFECT shoe.  Now if I only had $80.....
Seriously isn't it perfect???

Pigtails and Desigual

Desigual love tunice (From Stuff for 5.99) and leggings from AE (xs adult- gasp!)  styling with her purple finge boots- LOVE!

We also got a bunch of these oldie pony holders.  They are perfect and stay in all day long!  Her hair is perfectly long enough for this.  She is such a big girl!!

More Snow Day Shopping....

Still more loot to share.  I was lucky enough to venture in to Stuff- the land of all winter 80% off.  And boy did I find some stuff.  I did not buy a certain winter coat yet, as we coud not get the security off.  Hopefully they will figure tha tone out tomorrow!

First for me:

I hope this isn't too old looking.  Flowers by Zoe- for summer.  I like the Chevron design!

Old Navy dotted leggings, I love dots!  They will look great with her Matilda Jane stuff!

How much fun is this bag. Only two dollars.  I remember seeing this somewhere but I have no idea.  I love t though.

Then for Nora.  
Have I mentioned how much I love being a personal shopper?  I am good at this!

Lulu Dress for Miss H

Cute dress- for Haze again
Hodgepodge shirt 1- Boden fest

Hodgepodge shirt 2- Boden o rama

Hanna Anderson 110- don't look too close, you may get sleepy.  I do think Gret will look smashing in this!

Boden 9 , pink and brown- and the party goes on....

This is one of Ella's Bodens
She woudl like to possibly trade for this one...let me know N if that sounds okay?

Or she would trade for this one... she is sleeping on it.  Tough choice!

Goodwill Jackpot!!!

There really is nothing as much fun for me as shopping with a mission and finding what I need.  The little surprises are what makes it so much fun!

So, my haul included:
Bla Bla hat- so cute, Care Bear rainbow belt for some one very special

Supergirl zippy for a girl who loves superheroes and birthday is coming up soon...

Cute Roxy comfy shorts

Hanna size 140 hammies (like new) for 2.38!  They only charged me for a set of jammies!  Not for 2 pieces- sweet!

This is an odd number, perhaps a dress for Haze, a shirt for Miss G, but it has an asian inspired medalion on one side.  This looks very high end or custom.  I think you will like it Nora- although these are crap pictures!

Cute deer shirt for miss Hazel
Hanna shirt, size 130

Snow Day Sewing Ruffles

Linen ruffles I sewed for Ella.  My test- I like them okay.  Next version will be longer and have a slightly larger ruffle in brown. Ella thinks they are comfy and I think they will be beautiful with a white tank top this summer!

I also may sew a top using some of these fabrics....