Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Snow Day Shopping....

Still more loot to share.  I was lucky enough to venture in to Stuff- the land of all winter 80% off.  And boy did I find some stuff.  I did not buy a certain winter coat yet, as we coud not get the security off.  Hopefully they will figure tha tone out tomorrow!

First for me:

I hope this isn't too old looking.  Flowers by Zoe- for summer.  I like the Chevron design!

Old Navy dotted leggings, I love dots!  They will look great with her Matilda Jane stuff!

How much fun is this bag. Only two dollars.  I remember seeing this somewhere but I have no idea.  I love t though.

Then for Nora.  
Have I mentioned how much I love being a personal shopper?  I am good at this!

Lulu Dress for Miss H

Cute dress- for Haze again
Hodgepodge shirt 1- Boden fest

Hodgepodge shirt 2- Boden o rama

Hanna Anderson 110- don't look too close, you may get sleepy.  I do think Gret will look smashing in this!

Boden 9 , pink and brown- and the party goes on....

This is one of Ella's Bodens
She woudl like to possibly trade for this one...let me know N if that sounds okay?

Or she would trade for this one... she is sleeping on it.  Tough choice!

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Nora said...

Simply said, you rock!