Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goodwill Jackpot!!!

There really is nothing as much fun for me as shopping with a mission and finding what I need.  The little surprises are what makes it so much fun!

So, my haul included:
Bla Bla hat- so cute, Care Bear rainbow belt for some one very special

Supergirl zippy for a girl who loves superheroes and birthday is coming up soon...

Cute Roxy comfy shorts

Hanna size 140 hammies (like new) for 2.38!  They only charged me for a set of jammies!  Not for 2 pieces- sweet!

This is an odd number, perhaps a dress for Haze, a shirt for Miss G, but it has an asian inspired medalion on one side.  This looks very high end or custom.  I think you will like it Nora- although these are crap pictures!

Cute deer shirt for miss Hazel
Hanna shirt, size 130

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