Friday, July 1, 2011

Off to Camp

Ella has been kept very busy by her mother at not one but two girl scout camps.  One was easy (day camp) close to home- Hickory Hill.  The second was three days and 2 over nights about  one hour away at Camp Conestoga.  I was excited as was Ella.

Here are some pics of her on the day of departure.

Pigtails!  Yes - her shirt reads "Daisies have Attitude!" So true for this Daisy.

Ella and her buddy Samantha

I have not developed her pictures yet (can't wait!) But I picked her up around 3:30, drove home & arrived at 4:30.  she laid down and hugged daddy then promptly went to bed with no supper at 5:30.  I write this at 10:00 and she is still out cold.  I can't even get her shorts off her, she's sleeping so hard.  

Love this summer camp thing!

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