Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Creations

So let the onslaught of my Christmas creations begin! I was very creative an busy sewing fun gifts for friends and family this year. I found the pattern for a yoga bag and knew immediately I had to make it. I was going to make it reversible, but I found this new stretchy fusible interfacing and it finished the material off so beautifully that I did not mess with a lining. The beautiful fabric is orange hills with golden peaceful dove. Perfect to enjoy yoga with a zen feel.

Next is a traditional apron from 2 contrasting materials. I did not take any close ups of the orange rick rack, but who doesn't love rick rack? This one had more than 4 feet of bias tape but I can tell you that I am certainly getting more practiced at bias tape techniques. It was easy and well worth the pain of the bias. I can't wait to give this one away!

Next is my 2 layer apple apron. Her eI modified the strawberry apron I made for Ella's teacher last spring. I used some pretty orange fabric for the waistband them yellow for the ties. I am making my ties all extra long so you can have one big bow or you can wrap them and tie int he front. I love the versatility of that idea. This one could also be reversed if you so desire- but the apples are so beautiful! And again- rick rack- red this time!

Last is my second version of the daisies apron. I made the ties longer and I like that much more. I really practiced using the serger here so the back is actually as pretty as the front. I have an idea to use old tablecloths to make a pieced together apron much like this one.

I hope you enjoyed all my creations. I think I have a baby bonanza I will be looking for beautiful baby items to create. I may just make my own ideas too! You never know!

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Nora said...

You are the bestest. Truly.