Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Year ?

Okay- so I know it really isn' t "the new year", but I have wanted to begin an electronic post to keep track of my life. More importantly the lives of the changing children in my home- Lars and Ella. Lars will be 2 in less than a month and Ella is 3 1/2 but wants to be big in so many ways.

Lars is growing up so much faster than his sister did. this morning I was greeted with, "Mommy. My lamb fell on floor." which sure enough it had- l
athough I have my suspicions that it was thrown.

Ella relayed to me that she would like a pet, a mermaid -of course. She said she would keep it in her room in a tank. But she was unsure where I could get one. Ella also declared Candyland the best game ever today! Who knew how much fun a 3.99 game could be!

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